Tactical Satellite VSAT Communication

AT Communications International is at the forefront of providing new and innovative product developments for satellite communications.

Satellite users now have the option of several portable antenna systems to enable Internet, data, voice and video transmissions:

  • Panther
  • Panther II
  • Hawkeye II
  • Cheetah

AT Comms Satellite Solutions Benefits include:

  • Quickly-deployable voice, data, and video
  • Military command/control or logistic support communications
  • Worldwide remote Internet/VPN connectivity
  • VoIP or Video-Conferencing

The Panther™ and Panther™ II  series of VSAT is a culmination of engineering innovation and customer collaboration that combines the operational simplicity of a BGAN terminal with higher data rate transmission speeds over both commercial and military satellite. These solutions are lightweight, compact, satellite terminals that meet the operational requirements and quality expectations for military command/control or logistic support communications and are rapidly deployable for homeland defense and emergency response communications.

The Hawkeye™ III series of VSAT equipment provide common architecture, light weight and are now even easier to use. Giving users the ability to switch between bands and apertures without having to purchase an additional system, the Hawkeye III series VSATs range in antenna size from 1.2M to 2.4M, and utilize an enhanced outdoor unit (ODU) to eliminate reconfiguration and allow common control. In fact, a simple swap of the feed boom assembly is all that is required to switch between bands.

The Cheetah™ provides flyaway VSAT connectivity for voice, data and video broadcast, with an elliptical reflector that automatically rotates to align with satellite orbital arc for optimum performance. One button auto-acquisition with ViewSAT® terminal software provides rapid system deployment, control and monitoring with minimal training. High-speed access from remote sites provides timely information to decision makers.

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