LS 300x – Aputure

1x or 2x 190Wh+ 14.4V 15A V-Mount or AB Gold Mount (3-Stud) Batteries
You will need two compatible batteries to achieve maximum output with the LS 300x via DC Battery power. However, the technology in the LS 300x also allows you to use only one compatible battery to power the LS 300x up to half of its maximum output.
To power high wattage LED lights, we recommend batteries that are rated to be capable of withstanding a constant amount of high power draws. Therefore, for best results, we recommend using batteries that are capable of continuously discharging 14-15 Amps, to provide adequate headroom for the power draw. We also recommend batteries that are 190Wh or larger to provide adequate run times.
You should also be using 14.4V V-Mount or Gold Mount (3-Stud) batteries depending on the battery plates that are on your respective control box. Using higher voltage batteries will likely result in damage to the light, and will cause malfunctions that will require internal components to be repaired.
Officially tested batteries include:
IDX Duo C198
IDX Cue-D300
FXLion BP-190S / AN-190A FXLion BP-M200
FXLion BP-250S / AN-250A
GEN ENERGY G-B100 290Wh (22A)
GEN ENERGY G-B100 290Wh (15A)

Batteries that have been recommended by users but have NOT been officially approved include:
Blueshape BV190HDplus / BG190HDplus
Blueshape BV290HDplus / BG290HDplus
Core SWX Helix XL
Core SWX Hypercore XL (293Wh)
D&O Lighting BP-C190A/S
Anton Bauer Digital 190 Gold Mount Battery
FXLion HP-300S
Dynacore D-310MS 310Wh