Top Trends in Cloud Data Analytics That Will Dominate 2020

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of its latest article that lists the top trends in cloud analytics.

The influx of huge datasets has made cloud data analytics solutions more relevant to numerous businesses across industries. When compared to on-premises solutions, cloud data analytics is growing at a higher pace owing to its ability to analyze data and present insights in a way that can be easily interpreted by the end-users. Moreover, the emergence of big data and other integration features of cloud data analytics services are also considered to be some of the critical drivers of the growth. To enhance customer experience by analyzing the huge amount of data flowing through various digital platforms, business organizations are looking for solutions that will provide them real-time insights. Cloud data analytics seems to fit these requirements perfectly by providing high-end analysis of the data stored on the cloud via various deployment models.

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According to the analytics experts at Quantzig,” A well-managed hybrid cloud data lake helps organizations overcome data silos by enabling users to access data based on business needs.”

Top trends in cloud data analytics

  • Increasing early adoption rates: With organizations realizing the true potential of cloud data and analytics, 2020 will witness a rise in business leaders leveraging cloud analytics while taking necessary steps to mitigate its challenges.
  • The growing popularity of data dashboards: Real-time analytics and is associated benefits have pushed data dashboarding and visualization to the forefront of decision-making across industries. Cloud analytics aids the visualization of data and democratizes the data even further, allowing users to gain insight into each area of their business so that decisions can be made quickly.
  • Rise in the integration of cloud BI platforms with analytics tools: Leading retailers and service providers across industries are now looking a gaining detailed insight into visitor flow, customer journeys, and factors impacting digital engagement rates.

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