Satellite Communication

Satellite Communication: Principles and Applications is designed to serve as a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The practical problems derived from real experimental data make this book a handy reference for practicing engineers as well. As the title suggests, the book covers the fundamentals of satellite communication and its applications. The principles of satellite communication include satellite, earth stations, the Earth–satellite link, access methods, and communication techniques employed. The traditional, recent, and modern applications are elaborated. Also, in the last two chapters, the future trends in satellite systems are discussed adequately. The book provides a number of solved examples with step-by-step procedure for solving, numerous multiple choice questions, numerical problems, and practice exercises.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Satellite Communication Chapter 2 Satellite Orbits and Orbital Parameters Chapter 3 Space Segment Chapter 4 Earth Station Technology Chapter 5 Propagation Effects Chapter 6 Satellite Link Design Chapter 7 Source Coding and Multiplexing Techniques Chapter 8 Modulation and Coding Techniques Chapter 9 Satellite Multiple Access Chapter 10 Special Techniques Chapter 11 VSAT Systems Chapter 12 Broadcast Services Chapter 13 Mobile Satellite Communication Chapter 14 Satellite Navigation System Chapter 15 Recent Applications Chapter 16 Modern Developments and Future Trends