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Pioneering satellite technology.

We are the leading Ka-band high-throughput satellite capacity partner in EMEA.

What we can do for you

We guarantee and extend coverage to the communications industry.

Defence & Security

From military bases and outposts to border security and disaster recovery, get access to secure, resilient and ultra-reliable Ka-band communications.


Our cost-effective backhaul services seamlessly integrate into your networks, extending and guaranteeing network coverage.

Satellite Industry

We provide immediate and flexible capacity to satellite operators and integrators.

Government – Civil

We help government agencies deliver socio-economic benefits in the most remote and rural areas.

Our Superior Technology

Technology and innovation is the beating heart of Avanti. In 2010 Avanti were the first British company to launch a Ka-band satellite, HYLAS 1, and the first satellite operator to provide Ka-band services across the UK and Europe. Today, we own and operate a fleet of five high-throughput satellites covering EMEA and a fully resilient and secure extensive ground network.

Our steerable beams, available on HYLAS 2, HYLAS 3 and HYLAS 4, provide immediate and secure ka-band capacity wherever you may need it across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.


Some of our customer stories

Extending EE’s 4G network

EE partnered with Avanti Communications to provide Satellite Backhaul and backhaul backup to over 1,000 fixed and mobile 4G base stations across the UK.  We deliver a ‘carrier grade’ cellular backhaul service with extensive reach of the UK that is highly resilient and reliable even in rural areas and that seamlessly integrates into EE’s mobile network.

Cell towers with satellite dishes - night sky

Powering the UK’s emergency services with EE

The enhanced Emergency Service Network (ESN) network allows fire, police, and ambulance workers to benefit from a range of advanced communication. EE, in partnership with Avanti, is upgrading over 1000 base stations both primary and resilient sites across the 12 UK regions. By the end of 2020, the ESN network will support over 300,000 users and over 35,000 vehicles will be fitted with new in-car systems.

Connecting ships across the North Sea

Avanti partnered with a major Scottish ferry operator to deploy a robust maritime broadband connectivity solution, providing 100% coverage of the ships’ routes across the North Sea and a  private dedicated bandwidth pool shared between the five ferries and freight vessels.

TTCL rural Backhaul project

Avanti deployed satellite backhaul in rural Tanzania, enabling Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation to increase their GSM services in rural and remote parts of the country.

Cell tower with sunset sky in back

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