Space Force (TV Series 2020– )

This show is pretty decent. Every episode had something unique, which keeps you entertained throughout the full season. It is pretty funny as well from time to time, I don’t think this show was aimed at full comedy. I know people know Steve from The Office, so they just assume it will be like that show. The show has a good mix of action and comedy, with an actually ok story. I have seen a lot of shows and this show is by far one of the best comedy shows I have seen this year. It doesn’t try to be too funny, but at the same time it also doesn’t try to be too serious. It’s a good median for people who just like to watch something casual.

I must admit though, I only watched this because of Steve. I think he makes it worth while. Unsure if anyone else may had been able to pull it off like he did. Of course, I might be biased but you cannot unsee what you have already seen, so it is hard to put a picture together with another actor.