Getting Started on Satellite Communications

Cobham SATCOM’s satellite antenna and associated equipment portfolio offers unmatched reliability and future-proofed hardware, with a diverse portfolio of SAILOR and Sea Tel terminals and antennas to suit vessels ranging from yachts and fishing vessels to merchant ships, naval fleets and supertankers.

While enjoying a well-deserved reputation for incredible reliability and high performance for a strong link to the satellite in any conditions, Cobham SATCOM also ensures that service provider partners and end-users get the entire package, from global delivery and support, to simple installation and low-lifecycle costs.

While today, SAILOR and Sea Tel parabolic, stabilised maritime antennas dominate the technology-race, the satcom antenna landscape is also changing, with new technology in development. How flat panel technology will perform at sea is yet to be fully understood, but at Cobham SATCOM, we are approaching the future of maritime satellite communication with a far-sighted confidence.