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#1 Broadband Service on the Internet offers a diverse range of high speed internet and broadband products available to business customers. T1 connections are certainly the most popular connections for business users, offering guaranteed bandwidth and reliability compared to DSL. There are a number of T1 options such as Full T1, Fractional T1, burstable T1, integrated T1, and multiple meg T1 lines. T1 connections deliver up and download speeds of up to 1.5 mbps. Some very popular business applications now being run over T1 connections include Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and number of users are now gaining substantial savings from both integrated T1 lines and multiple meg or bonded T1 solutions.

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Satellite Organizations

Satellite Television Services

  • DIR Satellite Programming – offers satellite programming to residential C-Band dish owners in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin islands.
  • ExpressVu – digital-to-home entertainment and information company will provide Canadian, American and international video and audio programming.
  • Satenet Communications – digital TV, and direct satellite internet connections at 400kbps. 

Satellite Communications Companies

  • Alphameric – provides turnkey solutions in the field of broadcast information, multimedia, EPoS, computer telephony intergration and command and control systems.
  • Angel Technologies – The High Attitude Long Operation Aircraft which may be a Satellite Replacement one day.
  • Amtech, Inc. – has serviced the TVRO/DTH, CATV, MMDS and SMATV industry since 1984.
  • Antcom Corporation – satellite communication company specializing in antenna and microwave device products. Technical consulting and near-field measurement services available.
  • Applied Analogue Systems Ltd
  • Ascent Network Services – providing nationwide installation, maintenance and operation of satellite communication systems.
  • Aurastar Information Systems, Inc. – specializes in providing software products and regulatory consulting services for the planning of telecommunications infrastructures worldwide.
  • 4Avtech Systems
  • Aztek Satellite
  • Batavia Downlinks – transportable domestic satellite downlink service provider.
  • Bay Star Satellite Communications
  • Bob Korman’s Satellite Warehouse
  • Calian Communications Systems Ltd.
  • Canadian Satellite Communications Inc – Canadian distributor of satellite-based broadcast signals and specialist in satellite communications for business.
  • Centerpointe Satellite Systems, Inc. – offers satellite receiver installation, service, sales for video conferencing, commercial installations, and the Dish Network.
  • Challenger Unicom – satellite uplinks and downlinks. worldwide services headquartered in Rome, Italy.
  • CLA SatCom – offering satellite telephone service for digital voice, data, and fax transmissions.
  • Coit Com, Inc. – DirecPC and satellite business communications systems installation and sales.
  • Columbia Communications Corporation – provides domestic and international voice, data, and video services between Asia, North America, and Europe.
  • Crosat Telekommunikation GmbH – supplier of satellite & radio technology.
  • Crystal Computer Corporation – Monitor, control and automation for the broadcast industry including: satellite antenna control, uplink, automation and inclined orbit tracking.
  • CyberSat, Inc. – providing corporations and ISPs with satellite products and services. CyberBridge integrates the ISAT systemby by providing an ISP an intelligent POP.
  • Dallas Fort Worth Teleport – 24-hour, full service satellite communications facility providing worldwide video, voice and data transmissions.
  • Danby Satellite & Aerial Systems
  • Digicom SA – VSAT, Internet access, and network connection services.
  • Digital Satellites – offers DirecPC high speed 400 Kbps satellite connection to the Internet. Are you tired of waiting for DAYS while your download completes? We have your solution. We also offer Home and RV DirecTV DSS units, and DISH Network systems.
  • Digital Telecommunications Systems, Inc. – telecommunications systems integrator specializing in satellite communications, ranging from INTELSAT standard A’s to 18″ DSS home TV.
  • DirecPC – PC based satellite gateway to the Internet.
  • EFData Corporation – a leading manufacturer of digital modem, microwave, and RF products for the Intelsat, DAMA, and satellite communications industry.
  • Ericsson Componedex – design and development of satellite and leased line systems, specifically for wide area radio paging applications.
  • Eutelsat
  • Gal Productions – satellite and news uplink and production services.
  • GE American Communications – a wholy owned subsidiary of GE Capital.
  • Globecomm Systems Inc. – systems engineering company specializing in design and integration of satellite earth stations and networks.
  • Home Media Services – helping the small business/home office acquire a web presence usually associated only with large businesses and corporations.
  • Hughes Space and Communications – showing the full line of communications satellites.
  • ICO Global Communications – will offer satellite-enabled handheld and other mobile communications services starting in the year 2000.
  • IDB Systems – satellite communications systems provider for broadcast and telecom.
  • Infotel International, Inc. – offer systems integration, teleport services and solutions.
  • Inmarsat
  • INPE – Divisao de Geracao de Imagens – DGI e responsável pela recepção, processamento e distribuição de imagens adquiridas pelos satélites LANDSAT, SPOT e ERS de sensoriamento remoto (sells earth imagery from satellites).
  • Installation Pros – offers installation of DSS/DBS, DirecPC, and DirecDuo satellites and other services in Central California.
  • Intellicom – satellite technology company specializing in rural, mobile, or adhoc Internet access.
  • Interamercan Net Corporation – turnkey telecommunication projects.
  • International Datacasting Corporation – specializing in the design and manufacture of satellite digital audio and data broadcast technology.
  • Intersat Interprovincial Satellite Services – industrial engineering company which develops and provides remote wireless communication products and services for mobile field crews and unmanned fixed sites.
  • InterSat Space Communications
  • Io Research – Data broadcasting and communications technologies. Products are: TxVision, PCPOST, Bitwalker, Multicast, ALECTO, DAX, LACHESIS.
  • IOSAT Inc. – provides rapid access to high resolution remote sensing satellite imagery. Direct downlink systems for RADARSAT, SPOT, Landsat, ERS, IRS and other satellite systems.
  • Ireland’s Satellite Specialists – provide every satellite TV service.
  • Iridium LLC. – provider of global wireless telephone services – voice, data, facsimile, and paging.
  • KaStar Satellite Communications Corporation – Ku band ATM satellite systems.
  • Kelly Broadcasting Systems – a broadcasting/transmission company. We provide a variety of international language programs as well as international sports coverage.
  • KenCast Inc – reliable error correction and secure encrypted one-way digital broadcast by satellite of multimedia content at high speeds.
  • Lockheed Martin Telecommunications – delivers turnkey, satellite-based telecommunications solutions to commercial customers.
  • Lone Star Satellite Communications – satellite and home theater electronics dealer.
  • Lyman Brothers – international satellite telecommunications contracting and consulting firm based in Salt Lake City,Utah, USA. specializing in digital and analog satellite transmission.
  • Media Casting Telecommunications – offers international & domestic space segments, fiber optic video, production, transportable earth stations, VSAT, ATM and business TV.
  • Microspace Communications – provider of audio and data satellite broadcasting in the US.
  • Miralite Communications – MPEG2 DVB; converting analog satellite networks to digital – video, voice, and data.
  • Mobile Satellite Services Corporation
  • Mobile Telesystem, Inc – Source for Inmarsat Communication Solutions.
  • New Mexico Teleport – provides satellite uplinks, downlinks, broadcasting, networks, news gathering, microwave interconnection, data transmission,and video production.
  • Newsforce – an international digital SNG specialist company that can provide turnkey solutions to television delivery requirements around the world.
  • NSI Communications – specializing in designing, manufacture, integration, installing and maintaining satellite-based multimedia telecom networks using vsat tecnology.
  • ORBCOMM System – provides global wireless data communication services using a constellation of low-Earth-orbit satellites.
  • Orbicom (Pty) Ltd – international broadcast signal distribution service provider.
  • Orbit Research Ltd – specialising in satellite communication design for professional satellite earth station operators.
  • Ottercom Ltd. – specialist design and manuracture of RF terrestrial and digital satellite communications products and systems for telecomms OEMs
  • PanAmSat Corporation – provides global satellite services.
  • Quest Telecom International – provides consulting services for satellite communications to large and small businesses around the world.
  • Real-World Technology – Satellite and cable tuner design company, analog and digital. Specifications illustrated, explained, satellite data, links to other satellite-related sites.
  • RSD Communications Ltd – design and manufacture of satellite tv analog and digital receiver’s, decoder’s and more.
  • RTP Internacional
  • San Diego Teleproductions – remote satellite uplinks with or without production.
  • SatCom Systems, Incorporated – satellite-based wireless communication.
  • Satellite Applications Centre – operates as a facility for the reception, processing, archiving, and distribution of satellite data.
  • Satellite Communication Systems – provides satellite & production services worldwide, including transportable uplinks, downlinks, single or multi-camera production, and full project coordination.
  • Satellite Engineering Group – providing service capabilities and distribution for manufacturers involved in satellite, cable television and paging industries.
  • Satellite Video
  • Satellite Warehouse – AMSC Skycell digital satellite telephone service for North & Central America, US costal waters, Alaska, Hawaii, & Caribbean. Maritime, mobile, transportable, fixed systems.
  • Satenet Communications – digital TV, and direct satellite internet connections at 400kbps.
  • SATKO Telecommunications Systems Management Inc. – provides international private lines over satellite and turnkey telecom solutions.
  • Sattel Global Networks – international satellite telecommunications manufacturer.
  • SDS International – systems and services range from network design and analysis to integration and installation.
  • Seven Seas Communications – provider of mobile communications services. Low cost satellite phone services from anywhere in the world.
  • Sky Station International, Inc. – stratospheric telecommunications service to enable portable wireless internet access.
  • Skytech – capable of fully redundant uplinking to any Canadian or American satellite including Orion trans-Atlantic.
  • Skycasters Satellite Internet – Skycasters provides broadband satellite internet access, satellite VPN and mobile satellite internet service to business and home office customers in all 50 U.S. states. Skycasters is the oldest and largest facilities-based DIRECWAY satellite internet access provider, using its own satellite gateways, routers and servers collocated within the Hughes network operations center to provide a true business grade of service. 
  • SpaceCom Systems, Inc. – point-to-multipoint satellite distribution of information.
  • SSE Telecom – satellite earth station component and system manufacturer.
  • Stanford Telecommunications, Inc. – wireless, cable, Internet and satellite communications technologies.
  • Starlink – digital satellite systems, wireless audio/video transmitters, and spy cameras.
  • Station Africa – digital satellite telephone service for voice, fax and data.
  • Superior Communications – services include satellite, transponder, uplink, downlink, microwave, fiber, video production, event coordination, interconnect and IF-Turnarounds.
  • Tampa Microwave Lab, Inc – oscillator design house with light manufacturing capability. Included in the product line are many oscillator based products for satellite/terrestrial communications.
  • Telecom Group, Inc. – specializes in satallite telephone/data terminals, microwave/UHF data links, earth station design, domestic and international telephone services, and systems consulting.
  • Teledesic Corporation – global, broadband ‘internet-in-the-sky’, using low-earth-orbit satellites.
  • Telephone Video of America – owns over 10,000 films and provides video-on-demand.
  • Telesat Canada – A description of Telesat, Canada’s National Satellite Carrier and a world leader in satellite communications.
  • Terra-Sat Satellite Systems – for those who often find themselves out of range of traditional telecommunications.
  • Thaicom Satellite – provides transponder leasing service and full satellite turnkey solutions.
  • TIW Systems, Inc. – designs and manufactures systems for applications in satellite communications, large antenna systems, VSAT networking, SNG vehicles, DAMA and TDMA networks, and more.
  • Transair Australia – mobilesat satellite telephones, voice, facsimile data.
  • Triad Media Group – satellite, broadband, av services. Site lists services, company history, contact form, coverage area.
  • TSI TelSys, Inc. – Satellite ground station communications systems for telemetry, remote sensing, and high data rate SatCom applications. NASCOM, CCSDS, ATM, TAXI, Reed-Solomon.

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