Atlanticsat Satellite Communication Products

Manufacturer of Satcom Beacon Receivers, Upconverters, Downconverters and other Satellite Communication Products

Atlantic Satellite Corporation (ASC) was founded in 2002 for the purpose of supplying high quality Satellite Communication Products and Services at an economical price. ASC offers over 50 years of combined expertise in Satellite Communications Products and Systems design, manufacturing and services. The main products designed and manufactured by the company are satcom beacon tracking receivers or beacon receivers, frequency conversion products, such as upconverters and downconverters, an assortment of test loop translators and more.

Visit our some of our products below:

Model ASC350L (930 to 2050 MHz) Beacon Receiver Module
The Model ASC350L Beacon Receiver is a modular high performance unit that is designed to real time track the power density of a satellite beacon and output a DC voltage that is linearly proportional to the beacon power by utilizing a true, RMS-responding power detector. The compact design of the unit makes it ideal for mounting directly into a transportable antenna system where space is at a premium. All monitoring and control functions are provided by a common DB-15 connector. By utilizing a wide range of  DC voltage for powering the unit makes for a more flexible user interface.

Model ASC401LE L-Band to 70MHz Downconverter
Model ASC501LE 70MHz to L-Band Upconverter
Model ASC902LE Full Duplex 70 MHz to L-Band Converter
Model ASC300L-D (930MHz to 2200MHz) Beacon Receiver  For Tracking CW, Modulated Beacons and Carriers
Model ASC300LW (930MHz to 2300MHz) Beacon Receiver
Model ASC300KuET Tri-Band (10.7 to 12.75 GHz) Extended Ku band Beacon Receiver
Model ASC300C band (3.4 to 4.2 GHz) Beacon Receiver
Model ASC710 Ku Test Loop Translator
Model ASC710 X Test Loop Translator
Model ASC710 C Test Loop Translator