Maress: Data driven decarbonisation

In Maress, vessel fuel and emissions data forms a basis for making better decisions on how to increase efficiency and reduce a vessel’s footprint. For vessel owners, it is a powerful way to capitalize on operational data. 

Yxney Maritime believe everyone involved with the operation of a vessel has aligned interests in reducing fuel consumption and emissions to air – the ship owner, the crew, contractors, suppliers, and the end client. Transparency and sharing possibilities are therefore key ingredients in the functionality of Maress. 

Maress combines available data from the vessels with other relevant data sets to provide insight on how to reduce fuel and emissions. It is also easy to analyze the effect of individual energy-saving initiatives, or whole programs. Maress supports efforts in building a company culture and identity focusing on efficient and climate robust operations. A unique baseline based on historic performance is calculated for every activity for every vessel. With an up to date and real-time overview of the performance of each vessel -and the total fleet- Maress is a unique tool for fleet energy management.

Reducing fuel and energy consumption has an environmental, monetary, and not least, a strategic effect. Maress provides real business value through functionality and insight.

Join the Maress network of industry-leading vessel owners and energy companies on a collaborative approach towards a sustainable maritime industry.