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Automobile Sector

Digging into Activity Levels in the Automobile Sector with SpaceKnow Technology

Economic Products

In this blog, we look at insights from our new Activity Structure Index – a warning signal for economic inflection points by looking at how COVID-19 lockdowns impacted auto production.


China’s Car Production

Tracking China’s Car Production using SpaceKnow Technology

Economic Products

In this article, we uncover insights into China’s auto industry rebound post COVID lockdown, using our new China Automotive Satellite Activity Index. This is one of many industry specific indices we will be releasing in the near future, built using satellite data.


Russian Military Equipment

Classifying Russian Military Equipment from Space

Defense & Intelligence

Our team has developed AI/ML algorithms designed to precisely classify military equipment on the ground using high-resolution satellite imagery. We analyzed Yelizovo Air Force Base and Avacha Bay to see if we could validate what was reported by the press.


China SMI

SpaceKnow’s China Satellite Manufacturing Index

Economic Products

Our China Satellite Manufacturing Index (June number released today) is an independent snapshot of overall manufacturing activity from space. In this post, we break the index down into specific categories ranging from distribution centers to container ports and more.


Night Earth

SpaceKnow Launches New Economic Activity Indices

Economic Products

We are proud to announce the launch of SpaceKnow Nowcasting Solutions (SKNOW), an independent, near real-time product suite that tracks economic activity across a range of countries and industries.



We process data from multiple space-based sensors to bring you independent and near real-time insights. Our proprietary algorithms are disrupting the following sectors:

Ship Containers

Economic Products

Electric Poles

Energy & Commodities


Defense & Intelligence


Environment & Utilities


Construction & Real Estate

Night Lights

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