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What is the biggest benefit of owning your own satellite system? CHOICE. Check out the the different topics below, and find out about the different options you have for receiving your television entertainment.

Have you been wondering ‘which television delivery system is right for me’? Click here for a concise list of advantages and disadvantages associated with cable, large satellite dish (Full View), and small satellite dish (DirecTV and Primstar) technologies.

The latest satellite technology… the 4DTV digital satellite receiver! Take all the great programming available from analog and add the quality of digital video and sound and you get the best satellite system available.

The FULL VIEW or C-Band satellite system is the only television technology that allows you access to every channel available. FULL VIEW is a completely OPEN system, meaning that you may choose to view any service that is delivered via satellite.

Here is your chance to see how it all began: the roots of satellite technology and how it has changed the world of television entertainment.