Satellite Communication | Thales Group

Military aircraft are extending the operation range, or require continuous communications with the Headquarter, or need to communicate with other assets which are not in Line of Sight. Satellite communications offer such capabilities and are more and more key for a lot of missions where Beyond Line of Sight Communication is mandatory. The needs begin with low data rate with voice or chat exchange, and continue with High Data Throughput enabling Hi-Res picture or Full Motion Video transmission.

Thales offer two complementary types of Solutions:

  • For High Data Rate, Sovereign communications relayed by National Satcom Capability, Thales offer a wide range of compact, highly bandwidth efficient, Ka-Band Satcom Antennas. Comprehensive version exists for fighter, and for mission aircraft. Those type of solution delivers also compatibility with civilian Ka Satellite constellation.
  • For Low to Medium Data Rate, FlytLink, based on the Iridium NeXt constellation, delivers in a very compact SWAP a worldwide Satcom solution ideally fitted for all types of aircraft, whether it is rotary-wing or Fixed-Wing. Easily interconnected with any type of IP transmission means, it delivers SatCom solutions for both Cockpit and Cabin needs.