Course Content: Satellite Communications | CSSTEAP

Phase 1 of the course consists of eight module in addition to the Pilot Project. Each module covers specific areas of Satellite Communications. Broad structure of these modules is given below

  • Communications system – an overview.

  • Satellite communication system & DSP.

  • Earth station Technology.

  • Modulation, multiplexing and multiple-access.

  • Satellite communications for broadcasting.

  • Applications and Future trends in Sat-Communications.

  • Networking planning/Management/operational issues of Satellite communications systems.

  • Satellite communications for development, education & training.

  • Pilot projects.

(The topics covered in the pilot project will be oriented towards the one year project to be carried out in the Home country.)

Detail Course Syllabus

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The faculty for the course constitutes Scientists and Engineers in different fields, drawn from space Applications center, other Centers of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and various other agencies / universities from India and other countries, mainly from Asia and the Pacific region. These experts have long and varied experience in the field of Tele communication, Satellite Communications and their applications. The core faculty has a strong scientific background with a number of courses to their credit.

A few visiting international experts will also deliver lectures. In past, experts from INMARSAT (United Kingdom), ONERA (France) and from some other reputed organisations have delivered lectures.

Evaluation Procedure

The performance of the participants in the Centre’s programmes will be evaluated through oral, written and computer-assisted interactive assessment at periodic intervals both in theory and practical during each module of the course.


Space Applications Center (SAC) has state of the art Earth Stations and various well equipped laboratories where R & D on Satellites Communication and related topics are carried out. SAC has the entire infrastructure to design, develop and fabricate the Satellite Payloads and Earth Station hardware. SAC also also has the capability for installation and commissioning of Earth Stations on turnkey basis and provides consultancy services to various agencies in building the Earth Stations in the country.