InReach Satellite Communication and Tracking


We love this device because it’s rugged, portable and allows us to communicate anywhere in the world.  Perfect for a variety of adventures, not just sailing.
Like other satellite communications it does require a monthly plan (ranging from $12 – $80).
The InReach allows us to communicate anywhere in the world (via the Iridium network) with basic two-way texting, track our routes on land or water, get weather reports, access maps and send an SOS in an emergency.

  • GPS Navigation / TOPO Maps — Built in digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer help maintain accurate bearings. Plus, detailed TOPO graphics and route mapping.
  • Tracking – We have our own tracking map with waypoint marking and breadcrumb trails. We use it to track our sailing routes and big hikes so friends and family can see how we’re doing in real-time (we also share access to this map with our Patreons).
  • Two Way Texting – 100% global iridium satellite coverage
  • Weather – We can get basic weather reports or choose a premium marine forecast for an extra $1 fee. We found the weather info helpful during our Ecuador road trip inland.  Lots of cellular dead zones in the Andes Mountains.
  • Interactive SOS – Triggering the SOS sends a message to GEOS, a professional 24/7 global monitoring center. They respond to your message, track your device and notify emergency responders in your area. GEOS will stay in touch with you and your emergency contacts until your situation is resolved. The tracking/SOS gave us peace of mind heading up into extreme altitudes of Ecuador and the Cloud Forest of Panama.
  • Connected – The inReach is fully functional on it’s own, but it also connects with our smart phones, iPad and Garmin Quantx Watch which makes it more user friendly.

We think the inReach is an exceptional device for all of our adventures. If we’re taking Minion (our dinghy) on a long trip or heading inland it’s always with us. It’s way more feature rich than the SPOT or Ocean Signal rescueME, and we think a better gadget to have on board.
If you’re debating between the Iridium Go and the inReach I can only offer this: We have them both, we like them both for different reasons and redundancy is always good on a sailboat. Land adventures, the Garmin wins hands down.  But, if you are offshore sailing and crossing oceans, the PredictWind + Iridum Go would be my first choice.  

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