Space Force boss responds to huge question about Maggie Naird

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What’s the deal with Maggie?


Space Force spoilers follow.

Netflix‘s new series Space Force isn’t exactly the workplace comedy we were expecting, but it’s been delighting fans with its out-of-this-world premise and stellar cast nonetheless.

That doesn’t mean viewers don’t have their questions, though – especially when it comes to Lisa Kudrow’s character Maggie, the wife of Steve Carell’s General Naird, who mysteriously ends up in prison.

Fortunately, co-creator Greg Daniels has tried to clear up the truth behind Maggie’s incarceration, explaining to Collider why the first episode’s flash-forward offers little information about what she’s done.

It’s meant to be funny, y’see.

steve carell and lisa kudrow in space force

Aaron Epstein/Netflix

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Confirming that there isn’t any kind of Easter egg or hidden detail revealing the reason for Maggie’s 40-year sentence, Greg said: “Well, both Steve and I think that it’s very funny to just hear little hints of it, and not know the full story, that it gives her character a certain mysterious energy.”

Adding that the plot twist was a nod to the role that wives of senior officers often play in the military, he continued: “[The wives are] expected to raise the kid, but also to be the political adviser, and organise the families on the base.

“To think that in addition to taking on this incredible new challenge, which would be incredibly difficult under the best of circumstances, [Naird] also now has to deal with the fact that his wife’s in prison, and his daughter is going off the rails, and he hasn’t really parented her before…

“It just seems like a great way to put more pressure on him, and to have such a funny situation for her to be in.”

maggie, space force


Greg also joked that it allowed Lisa Kudrow’s character to really become “the perfect Martha Stewart-ish wife”, adding: “[She] ended up following the Martha Stewart path even more than she thought.”

As for whether fans will ever get to the bottom of Maggie’s crimes, Greg is banking on later seasons of the show to tell the full story. “I think that by the end of the series we’ll find out, but not [in the] first season,” he said.

Let’s hope that season two is confirmed sooner rather than later, then. After all, Greg did tell Digital Spy that Space Force hasn’t had “a pick-up quite yet”.

Space Force is streaming now on Netflix.

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