Lamborghini’s 830-horsepower track-only supercar will be one of the last of the company’s unassisted, naturally aspirated V12 models.

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From houses to food to clothes, 3D printing has entered nearly every imaginable territory of things.

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You know engineers are not quite like normal people…there’s a differentiated advancement.

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BMW Motorrad Motorsport was able to continue its aerodynamic testing during the COVID-19 hiatus thanks to a plastic stand-in for the team’s rider.

Automotive Engineering

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Never suffer the embarrassing fate of the woman in the recent viral video who was unable to locate her van’s fuel filler.





Valencia, Spain-based Quibim has raised €8 million in a seed funding round to boost its artificial intelligence platform.

charging infrastructure

Focus on charging plugs, charging stations, wall boxes, and inductive charging systems, with transfer of know-how from E&E and automotive…


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The Perseverance rover is searching for signs of life on Mars. It’s also taking along the Ingenuity helicopter to try flying in the Martian atmosphere.

The Radilon Mixloy materials from RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers have multiple automotive applications, including interiors and engine parts.

The new technology boosts Porsche’s 911 GT2 RS by another 30 horsepower.

Despite the 11% US unemployment rate today — and with unemployment claims related to the coronavirus outbreak exceeding 20 million in May 2020 —…

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