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Will social distancing accelerate a trend toward home as headquarters?


Resources and insights to help you navigate uncertain times


How Panera Bread pivoted to offer groceries in the midst of the pandemic


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How to be the partner your clients deserve in times of crisis


5 trends shaping the auto industry’s approach to a new normal


The at-home consumer: Learnings from the global lockdown


How to lead your team in a time of chaos and complexity


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Google’s response to COVID-19


Resources to help your small business manage through uncertainty

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Marketing on YouTube

Dig into new consumer trends, explore YouTube ad effectiveness research, and learn how brands are innovating with online video marketing.

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Mobile speed

Understand how mobile speed affects your bottom line, get advice from industry leaders, and learn how to build stronger mobile experiences.

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Insights Library

Insights Library is your destination to search, discover, and interact with data and marketing statistics that will fuel your business.

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Customized Storytelling

Craft stronger insights-driven storytelling. Here are the tools, case studies, and unique perspectives to get you started.

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Test My Site

Compare your mobile site speed to industry peers and get specific tips to speed it up.

Find My Audience

Go beyond demographics to find the people who matter most to your business.

Shopping Insights

Explore search data to see which products and brands are popular in your category.

Grow My Store

Assess your retail website’s customer experience and get tips on how to improve it.

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