Communications Satellites

See the AMSAT-NA Communications Satellites page at

AO-85 (Fox-1A) – U/V FM voice transponder

LAPAN-A2/ORARI – U/V FM voice transponder. Equatorial orbit only accessible between 30 degrees North and 30 degrees South

LilacSat-2 (CAS-3H) – V/U FM voice transponder

XW-2A to XW-2F – U/V SSB/CW linear transponder

EO-80 QB50p2 – U/V FM voice transponder not yet operational

EO-79 QB60p1 (FUNcube-3) –  U/V SSB/CW transponder not yet operational

UKube-1 (FUNcube-2) – U/V SSB/CW transponder not yet operational

AO-73 (FUNcube-1) – U/V SSB/CW linear transponder

SO-50 – V/U FM voice transponder

FO-29 (JAS-2) – V/U SSB/CW linear transponder

AO-7 – U/V and V/A SSB/CW linear transponders

Note: On FM satellites if your radio has selectable FM filters use the wider filter designed for 5 kHz deviation FM which is sometimes referred to as a 25 kHz channel spacing filter.

U/V = 430 MHz band uplink and 144 MHz band downlink

V/U = 144 MHz band uplink and 430 MHz band downlink

V/A = 144 MHz band uplink and 28 MHz band downlink

Mineo Wakita JE9PEL maintains a page on his website listing the frequencies of all amateur radio satellites.

A spreadsheet of the uplinks and downlinks of every amateur satellite launched can be downloaded from
The status for each is given as one of: Active (*), Inactive (i), Reentered (r), Failure (f), Earth Escape (e).