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Satellite Data Communications connecting organisations around the world

Satellite Data Communications connecting organisations around the world

Your business demands secure and reliable communications, especially if you operate in remote locations or hostile environments. You can have confidence that our global satellite, teleport and fibre network will keep you connected 24×7.

Managed satellite communications for enterprise

When you’re working in remote and hostile locations your communications are mission-critical to your business. Confidence in those communications is paramount. We deliver that confidence through our proven ability to connect your remote operations with your HQ over our satellite network.

Spanning the world using VSAT

We operate a satellite and fibre network with global coverage. Our networks provide you with real-time business-critical communications for voice, video and data, wherever you are. We excel at what we do; the World Teleport Association named us as Independent Teleport Operator of the Year in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2014.

Tailored to your needs

Our experienced team will work closely with you to build a customised end-to-end satellite communications solution that delivers reliability, security and ubiquitous coverage. Our solutions are trusted by energy companies, telecoms providers and military organisations, giving them the confidence to focus on their core activities.

Teleports for global connectivity

We own, manage and operate teleports that give you access to key global locations. Our satellite network is connected to major Points of Presence and telehouses using a diverse and high-capacity managed fibre network.

“We operate reliable and secure VSAT communications networks across the globe using our world class satellite and fibre network. Extend your business critical communications on our network infrastructure, wherever you are.”

Reliability through great build quality

We appreciate how much our customers depend on our infrastructure, so we have built it to be the best in the business offering service levels in excess of 99.99%.

24×7 real-time support

We give you peace of mind that your services are monitored and maintained with 24×7 real-time support from our dedicated Network Operation Centres at each teleport. What’s more, our onsite data centres can provide you with secure managed rack space and terrestrial network integration. It’s all designed to ensure you receive exceptional levels of service.

VSAT networking for service providers

If you are a service provider we can offer you controlled access to our infrastructure. This allows you to operate your own networks as a virtual operator, avoiding the need for capital investment. You can co-locate your own VSAT equipment or use our hub infrastructure. In doing so, you’ll retain complete control and configuration of your network, but without the ownership and management responsibility.

Reducing your cost

Our VSAT solutions are designed to reduce your cost per Mb. As an independent operator of satellite capacity we provide you with an unrivalled and unbiased choice of satellites. You also have the option of remotely managing your own network or leaving it to our 24×7 operations/engineering teams.

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