ABOUT US | Explorer Satellite Communications, A Pivotel Company

This 2019, we are proud to announce that Explorer Satellite Communications, Inc. has officially joined the Pivotel Group Pty Limited. We are excited to show you all the new possibilities we can offer each one of you with this company’s acquisition.

We are proud to announce that Explorer Satellite has recently been acquired by Pivotel – a rapidly-growing satellite communications powerhouse – as part of their expansion into the Americas and Europe. Since 2003, Explorer has been connecting customers with cutting-edge satellite communications with an emphasis on excellent customer care.


What’s New:

We selected Pivotel America as our new partner for growth because of the many resources they bring, while still providing the personalized approach that Explorer has always given. Now we have even more resources to connect you with the products and services you need. In addition to our current portfolio, we will have access to:

  • New, easier-to-use billing system
  • New types of satellite hardware
  • Unique satellite airtime plans
  • New services like satellite email, weather and crew services
  • More resources to service and support you.

What stays the same:


“Explorer Satellite Communications has a unique and strong presence in the American and international adventure market, says Robert Sakker, President of Pivotel America. “Explorer has had amazing success, and we think they will do great things with the resources of Pivotel behind them, together with access to a stronger portfolio of products and services.”


For more details on Pivotel and its acquisition of Explorer Satellite, see our recent press release.  


At Explorer Satellite, A Pivotel Company, we are excited to know we will be able to serve you while maintaining the same high-quality personal support you are used to!

Look for more information soon regarding our transition to Pivotel – sales, services, and billing.




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