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Page updated May 6, 2020
Satellite = Assured Internet & Phone Connectivity
For 24 x 7 x 365 reliability, satellite connectivity far outperforms cellular or other wireless services for all-location Internet & phone communication since satellite is not affected by cellular dead-zones or temporary environmental condition such as flooding, power outages, fires, back-hoe digs, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other regional unknowns since satellite service connects with an orbiting satellite over 22,000 miles away.

SAFECOM Compliant
Our emergency communications satellite equipment meets or complies with all SAFECOM requirements for emergency interoperable communication equipment.

Mobile Truck with VSAT Dish

Toughsat VSAT – Mobile Satellite Internet Ground Control manufactures a line of Toughsat mobile VSAT satellite Internet systems that mount on any rig roof. These mobile dishes are one-button easy to operate, and deliver performance grade high-speed satellite Internet from anywhere.
Mobile Satellite Systems
Public Safety Mobile Internet Service Plans

Flyaway VSAT - Ground Mounted

Flyaway Toughsat – A Case-Based Mobile VSAT
The Flyaway Toughsat case is a full size portable satellite system easily setup and operated by one person and transportable from the back of an SUV. The Flyaway Toughsat Includes a 100′ foot Wi-Fi access point (extendable to 1/2 mile) for any in-range devices. It may also be mounted on a vehicle roof rack for full operation.
Link to Flyaway Toughsat

Multi-Purpose Communications Trailer

T-100 Multi-Purpose Communications Trailer
Our multi-purpose Toughsat T-100 VSAT communications trailer will place a half-mile radius Wi-Fi Internet access point at any location with Internet speeds of 20Mbps down x 5Mbps up. Provides continuous power with onboard generator. This lightweight trailer is quite easy to operate and can be transported by any vehicle/truck with a 2″ (or other) tow ball.
Link to T-100 Communications Trailer

VoIP Phone - Emergency Plans

Phone Service Over Satellite
$89.95 /mo for 1000 minutes (with Guaranteed CIR dedicated service)
Ground Control’s VoIP phones and phone service can instantly place 1 to 10 phones in the field when using our VSAT satellite service. Plug-and-play simplicity and reduced cost VoIP guaranteed phone service for public safety organizations. These phones perform like the phone on any desk complete with voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, etc.
Link to Emergency Phone Service

Red Phone Satellite Phone

Red Phone – Critical Voice Communication
Free to Public Safety Organizations (includes phone & 100% service)
Unlimited Calling – $0 per minute costs
Off-The-Grid Communications via Satellite
Stay connected with other Red Phones during the most sever outages. Red Phones give your agency a critical voice connection no matter where they are located in North America using our satellite technology. The Red Phone directory includes other public agencies that are now just a voice call away during any disaster. Please ask about promotional discounts.
Link to Red Phone Service

Fixed Satellite Solutions

Fixed Location Satellite Solutions
Complete Professional Grade VSAT Systems
Ground Control specializes in performance grade satellite equipment and service. We are a single source provider for all of your communication needs and we have special VSAT pricing just for public safety organizations..
Link to Public Safety Fixed VSAT Service

Ground Control has special service pricing for public safety organizations
We understand most public safety organizations do not require 24 x 7 connectivity, so we have created high-speed Emergency Mobile Responder “EMR” occasional use service packages that includes any 10 calendar days per month of unlimited connectivity for one low monthly price.

  Dual Matrix Service
A Fully Redundant Satellite Infrastructure

Ground Control’s two North American teleports service two different high-performance satellites that operate independent of each other. With the Dual Matrix service, a single mobile satellite dish may connect with either of the satellites at any time, no matter the plan they subscribe to. more

Dual Satellites
Dual Teleports
Dual Hubs
Dual Networks
Dual Backbones
One Mobile Dish

Add 10% Off – Bundled Pricing for Mobile & Fixed Combo – Add an additional 10% off equipment purchased when both a fixed and mobile solution are ordered from Ground Control.

Fixed Satellite Equipment

Other Popular Public Safety Communication Solutions

Base Camp Connect  

Base Camp Connect
Internet – Phone – Radio Interoperability Made Easy
Combine various communication tools currently used and bridge them all together using the Base Camp Connect solution. This 5 minute to deploy solution takes the complexity out of establishing various networks in emergency situations.
Base Camp Connect

The Football Global Hotspot  

MCD-4800 – A Hotspot In A Case
Simply place the closed MCD-4800 watertight case under an open sky, and turn it on. In a minute it automatically becomes a broadband satellite connection with a wireless access for any in-range device up to 5 hours on a single charge.
MCD-4800 Information

BGAN Terminals  

Portable Satellite Terminals – BGAN
Prices start at – $995
These portable satellite terminals provide instant broadband Internet and phone no matter where it is located. BGAN terminals are favored by many first-responders and public safety organizations because they do not require expertise to point and use.
BGAN Portable Terminals

BGAN Plans  

Unlimited Use BGAN Plans
Ideal for Public Safety
The new Standard + BGAN Plans from Ground Control have a low monthly subscription, but provide unlimited Internet for incredibly low prices when service is needed.
BGAN Standard + Plans

BGAN Hardened Case Solution  

Carry Portable BGAN Internet & Phone
Prices starting at $2,133
A BGAN Ready Case places a BGAN portable satellite terminal in a hardened all-weather case. Everything is included for creating a mobile office in any location in minutes. BGAN Ready Cases are an excellent portable backup communication solution.
BGAN Hardened Ready Cases

Iridium PTT Push To Talk  

Iridium PTT Push-To-Talk – No Dead Spots 100% of the globe
Iridium Extreme PTT Radios – $1,689/each
Radio communication to anywhere just became a lot easier with Iridium’s Push-To-Talk network now open to the general public. No infrastructure to build out or maintain, and implementation can happen right now anywhere on the planet.
Iridium Extreme PTT

Satellite Phones  

Satellite Phone
Iridium Extreme Price – $1,495
The popular Iridium Extreme satellite phone is the go-to favorite for satellite phone connectivity by emergency workers. Now with unlimited talktime to other Iridium phones for $35 a month (add-on plan).
Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

In-Motion Vehicle Internet  

In-Motion Internet & Phone
Prices starting at $6,100
BGAN in-motion systems offer broadband Internet and phone as well as a Wi-Fi access point to any in-range device, moving or parked. An excellent solution for communication from a command vehicle.
BGAN In-Motion Systems

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