Enlisted PPME Block 6: Satellite Communications Flashcards



Heavy solar activity ____________.

Can disrupt satellite communications for short periods of time, causing communications outages in extreme cases.

Satellite communications provide _________ coverage enabling military leaders to maintain ________ and convey their intent to the operational commander.

Near-global/Strategic Situational Awareness

All radio receivers, including satellite systems, are susceptible to jamming and interference.


Generally, the ___________ the frequency, the _______ the available bandwidth and the higher the data rate capacity.


Protected satellite communications permits the use of smaller antennas that increase its mobility, enabling wider use of submarine, airborne, and other mobile terminals.


MILSTAR stands for:

Military strategic and tactical relay system satellite network

Satellite Communications:

* Collectively provide an essential element of national and Department of Defense communications worldwide.
*Permit information transfer from the highest levels of government to the theater tactical level for all matters to include operations, logistics, intelligence, personnel, and diplomacy.

Significant advantages of satellite communication systems over terrestrial communication systems are ________.

Global coverage, security, flexibility

Unintentional interference is not as deleterious to SATCOM operations as deliberate jamming.


Satellite communications are often the only means of providing critical beyond line of sight communications.


Military units must be able to communicate over long distances with:

All the answers are correct

__________ satellite systems are more complex and survivable and possess features not found on other systems.


Wideband satellite communications support ________.

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