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STS Global Inc. is a dynamic satellite communication + telecommunications company where great engineering minds and outstanding communications experience intersect. Staffed by talented Professionals who have decades of success , STS Global is primed to deliver excellence in systems and service.

Yet the company is built on more than experience. The foundation of STS Global has four strong pillars:

Time-tested expertise, systems reliability, customer value, and exceptional integrity.

STS Global is a proud supporter of “Satellites Make a Better World


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    Fixed Satellite Communication Systems , Earth Station Custom designed using the best of breed technology

    In this world of ever growing need for capacity, our optimized solutions will

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    Mobile Earth Station.
    Mobility, Reliability and

    From broadcasting a live event from a remote area to deploy tactical com…

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    Next Generation Network. When satellite meet with terrestrial

    In today’s world, end users demands require connectivity to multiscreen to

  • media1

    Broadcast center and video uplinks. Multiplatform multi format content

    The video content is king. Whether it’s live or on

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    Cyber Security Networks

    Network / Data breaches are among the most common and costly security failures in organizations of any size. With Millions

Our Services

Lifecycle services: Keeping your network at its Peak performance

The key element for your network to perform at its Peak year after year is, proper maintenance.

Third party product certification performance

STS Global offers a third party certification service allowing product manufacturer to get more recognition/reliability in the industry.

Network Design

From the initial requirement and first survey, our experienced team will design a network taking into consideration all the different variable and parameter of the customer.

Our Markets

  • Telecommunication Providers
  • Broadcasters
  • Business Enterprises
  • Earth Station Operators
  • U.S. & Foreign Governments
  • Media & Content Providers
  • International organizations
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Oil & Gas