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  • Shopping centres risk collapse as retail tenants threaten to walk away

    By business reporter Andrew Robertson

    With many retailers either shut down or suffering massive revenue falls, shopping centre landlords are under pressure to slash rents or risk thousands of empty shops.

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  • As panic buying subsides the reality of the retail recession is sinking in

    By business reporter Stephanie Chalmers

    Sales of tinned food, toilet paper, rice and pasta all surged in March, but there was a pay back in April, with sales across all retail sectors falling as panic buying subsided.

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  • Easing of COVID-19 restrictions could see the return of the great Aussie road trip

    With international travel off the cards, Australians are being asked to explore their own backyard, prompting tour operators to adapt their offerings. 

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  • Australia’s biggest economies are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus recession (photos)

    By business reporter Michael Janda

    New ABS data provides some hope the worst of the coronavirus recession and job losses may already be behind us, but also shows some states and regions have been hit a lot harder than others and will take longer to recover.

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  • ‘That’s not fair’: Plight of Australia’s young workers and graduates laid bare on Q+A

    By Paul Johnson

    Young Australians feeling the impact of the economic fallout from coronavirus are told if they want to get ahead they may have to put some of their career dreams on hold.

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  • China imposes 80pc tariff on Australian barley

    By political reporter Dan Conifer

    The import tax will remain in place for five years, according to a statement from China’s Ministry of Commerce.

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  • Social distancing vs the economy: 47 economists have had their say and the consensus is in Analysis (photos)

    The Conversation

    By Peter Martin

    Maintain social distancing or end isolation? A group of Australia’s leading economists have had their say and the answer is ‘R’, writes Peter Martin.

    Topics: covid-19, business-economics-and-finance, government-and-politics, community-and-society, economic-trends, australia

  • Coronavirus has revealed big racial disparities. It’s also having a gendered impact

    By North America correspondent Kathryn Diss

    Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on labour markets across the globe. A closer reading of the numbers shows it’s impacting women more than men, reversing gains made towards workplace equality.

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  • How COVID-19 hastened an economic revolution Analysis

    By business editor Ian Verrender

    The dominant economic theories of the past century been turned on their heads by the coronavirus pandemic, and it could lead to a completely different global economy on the other side, writes Ian Verrender.

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  • The battle to beat the corona crisis has exposed a split on values Analysis

    By David Speers

    The Prime Minister and Treasurer want it known the various coronavirus support payments on offer are only temporary. But Labor disagrees, writes David Speers.

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  • Beer overflows Ben Rylands portrait image

    image Man taps dark beer from stainless steel vat in brewery

    ABC News

    Topics: economic-trends, rural-tourism

  • Black Saturday losses ‘easy’ compared with coronavirus era, bushfire victim says

    ABC Radio Melbourne

    Ashraf Doos lost his home and business in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, but says falling between the cracks in the $130 billion JobKeeper scheme has left him more frustrated.

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  • Amid the coronavirus carnage, some are using it as chance to change careers

    By Matt Garrick, Henry Zwartz and Katrina Beavan

    As the coronavirus crisis upended lives and put thousands out of a job, some people in the NT turn the pandemic into the catalyst for a career change.

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  • The graph that shows why we have a big jobs problem Analysis

    By Jeff Borland

    The scale and speed of COVID-19’s impact on the Australian labour market is difficult to comprehend but there are three steps forward, writes Jeff Borland.

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  • The city exodus may just be beginning, say real estate agents seeing surge in regional demand (photos)

    By business reporter Nassim Khadem

    Experts say COVID-19 will hit national house prices, but it has also sparked a new wave of enquiries from people interested in moving from capital cities to regional areas.

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  • The unemployment figures are some of the most confusing — and dire — in Australia’s history Analysis

    By business reporter Gareth Hutchens

    The surprisingly small rise in the unemployment rate has obscured the reality of what’s actually happening on the ground — this is why.

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  • Global air traffic not predicted to return to pre-coronavirus levels until 2023

    The director-general of the International Air Transport Association says it will take longer than originally thought for international travel to bounce back from COVID-19.

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  • If Australia measured unemployment like the US the jobless rate would be 11.7pc, ABS says

    By business reporter Michael Janda

    Australia’s unemployment rate has posted its steepest monthly rise on record, but even that figure massively understates the scale of job losses, with more than 2.7 million people leaving employment or having their hours cut in April.

    Topics: unemployment, economic-trends, work, federal-government, money-and-monetary-policy, australia

  • Australia’s in recession but there’s a dramatic fall in calls to the National Debt Helpline. Here’s why

    By business reporter David Taylor

    Even as Australia plunges into its sharpest recession since the Great Depression, calls to the National Debt Helpline have dropped 20 per cent. It seems odd, but the financial counsellors who run it say it makes perfect sense.

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  • Banks are holding payments back from investors to save themselves in a worst-case scenario

    By Andrew Robertson and Stephen Long

    Up to $10 billion in income could be ripped out of the economy in the space of months as the major banks suspend or slash dividend payments in response to a massive rise in bad loans and the risk of a house price crash.

    Topics: banking, consumer-finance, economic-trends, superannuation, money-and-monetary-policy, covid-19, australia

  • Australia risks a 32pc house price crash in a ‘prolonged downturn’, CBA warns

    By business reporter Michael Janda

    Australia’s biggest home lender warns Australian house prices could tumble by a third if coronavirus leads to a “prolonged downturn” and extended period of high unemployment.

    Topics: banking, economic-trends, consumer-finance, money-and-monetary-policy, company-news, covid-19, australia

  • JobKeeper, JobSeeker end date could ‘push the economy back into recession’ (photos)

    By business reporter Michael Janda and finance correspondent Phillip Lasker

    The JobKeeper and JobSeeker schemes are “temporary” measures to get Australia’s economy to the end of September but, unless COVID-19 is totally under control by then, several leading economists warn a sudden stimulus withdrawal risks plunging Australia into a double-dip recession.

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  • Josh Frydenberg outlines dire economic outlook from COVID-19 Video

    Video Josh Frydenberg outlines dire economic outlook from COVID-19

    The Treasurer Josh Frydenberg details the economic outlook for Australia amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • Has Australia already passed the peak of its COVID recession?

    By business reporter Stephanie Chalmers

    CBA’s credit and debit card transactions show consumer spending improved last week in all states and most categories, with purchases of furniture and other household equipment up more than 50 per cent compared to last year.

    Topics: epidemics-and-pandemics, business-economics-and-finance, economic-trends, australia

  • Frydenberg warns of huge hit to state economies if restrictions forced to return

    By Dan Conifer

    Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was due to deliver the Budget tonight, but with COVID-19 throwing the economy into chaos, he will instead deliver a scaled-back financial statement to Parliament.

    Topics: business-economics-and-finance, economic-trends, government-and-politics, covid-19, australia

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