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  • Shoppers Abandon Their Favorite Grocery Stores

    May 19, 2020— 0 comments

    More shoppers are finding a new favorite grocery store, and may never switch back after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

  • A Misguided Coupon Policy Hurt It – But Coronavirus May Kill It

    May 18, 2020— 3 comments

    JCPenney will close stores and is noncommittal about coupons and sales, after filing for bankruptcy.

  • New Printable Coupons – 5/17/20

    May 17, 2020— 0 comments

    New printable coupons are available today for Pledge, Listerine and more.

  • Sunday Coupons – 5/17/20

    May 15, 2020— 2 comments

    Get a sneak preview of all the coupons from SmartSource and RetailMeNot Everyday in your May 17, 2020 Sunday newspaper.

  • Seven-Year Coupon Dispute Ends With 38-Cent Refund

    May 14, 2020— 0 comments

    A long-running legal dispute over sales tax and coupons ends with a BJ’s customer getting his 38 cents back.

  • Couponing Crisis Averted, As Coupon Collectors Return to Work

    May 13, 2020— 0 comments

    A U.S. company’s coupon processing facilities are up and running again, after a temporary shutdown disrupted the whole process.

  • Case Closed: Mom Loses Lawsuit Over Boy’s Big Red Target Ball Fall

    May 12, 2020— 0 comments

    A judge finds in favor of Target, after a woman sued when her son fell off a big red ball outside the store.