Satellite Communication

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Satellite Communication

arQana provides MMIC components and modules designed for both uplink and downlink satellite communications in different frequency bands, such as S and Ku, Ka bands.

We have Power Amplifiers (PAs) with high output power that give high power and efficient gain needed at the transmitter, and sensitive LNAs for the receiver. Our components include high-power amplifiers, driver amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, mixers, filters, and switchers. These products are designed to operate at the required conditions for satellite operations.

Our products are also ideal for use in Satcom on the Move (SOTM).


Block Diagram

arQana Applications - SATCOM Block Diagram

arQana Products for Satellite Communication


arQana is launching its new product line of MMIC components for AESA Applications.

About Us

Founded in 2014 as a service provider specialising in the design of III-V MMICs for system integrators in high frequency RF market, arQana has evolved into a fabless component supplier.