Defense Enterprise Wideband SATCOM System (DEWSS)


The Defense Enterprise Wideband SATCOM System (DEWSS) provides strategic satellite communication systems and satellite network control and planning systems for the Defense Satellite Communications (SATCOM) and the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) system satellite constellations. DEWSS includes two major capabilities:

Wideband Satellite Operations and Management System (WSOMS) enables the Army to efficiently plan and manage the global SATCOM network.

The Enterprise Wideband Satellite Terminal System (EWSTS) provides large aperture satellite communication terminals and associated satellite modems, multiplexers, routers and supporting telecommunications equipment to strategic Army SATCOM Gateway facilities worldwide.

These WSOMS and EWSTS systems are integrated into a system-of-systems architecture supporting: strategic communications infrastructure; presidential communications; the Department of Defense (DOD) Information Network; Army LandWarNet; the Ballistic Missile Defense System Communications Network; and tactical reachback for deployed forces through SATCOM Gateways facilities around the world.


Highly available strategic military satellite communication systems enable warfighters to execute worldwide command and control of deployed forces worldwide.


  • Network planning and satellite control systems enable joint use of the WGS system for DOD users
  • Provides super high-frequency military X-Band and Ku-Band satellite communication terminals
  • Blend of military standard and Commercial Off-The-Shelf communication equipment ensures highly available network with 99.9 percent operational availability



  • Completed Fielding of nine additional AN/GSC-52B satellite terminals under the Modernization of Enterprise Terminals program
  • Completed all satellite control architecture changes to support the expanded 10 satellite WGS constellation
  • Completed power distribution upgrades at all U.S. Army SATCOM Gateway facilities to improve system reliability and availability



  • Complete all remaining AN/GSC-52B satellite terminal fieldings for U.S. Army SATCOM Gateways
  • Complete installation modernized equipment into new SATCOM Gateway facilities at Camp Roberts, California; Fort Buckner, Japan; and Landstuhl, Germany