Space Force

Space Force is an event in AdVenture Communist. The event was first aired on May 9th, 2019, it was the first event introduced.

Events like Space Force can be found in the fourth tab at the bottom of the screen between Special Operations and the Shop.

There are 21 Ranks. Each rank except for rank 21 comes with its own unique rewards that are claimed at the end of the event. Rank 21, while playable, does not have rewards.

Space Force has its own event music just like any other event.

Generator Description Icon-chemists.png


Chemists “State’s leading experts in Solanum Tuberosum conversion to potent Fuel source. You say Potato, I say Potate-Go!” Icon-launchpads.png


Launch Pads “Looking to launch into a new career within Great State? Look no further Comrade! Icon-rockets.png


Rockets “Powered by Potato and ready to go. You and your Comrades are in for a show! Icon-autopilots.png


Autopilots “Take education and training out of becoming a Cosmonaut. Buckle up and relax while Autopilots take the wheel.” Icon-warpdrives.png


Warp Drives “When fast isn’t fast enough State mandates Warp Drives to get you from point A to Z – instantly.” Icon-starportals.png


Star Portals “Highly advanced Socialist Star Portals erected across the Galaxy allows Comrades to remain social on a whim. Don’t forget to knock.” Icon-technicians.png


Technicians “Glorious State’s technology is built strong and never breaks down. We only send Technicians to space for appearances.” Icon-rovers.png


Rovers “Red rover, red rover, Glorious Leader calls all Comrades looking for exciting one way expedition to space over.” Icon-probes.png


Space Probes “These probes only look to explore the deep dark corners of the furthest reaches of space. Stop clenching, you have nothing to worry about.” Icon-terraformers.png


Terraformers “We shall make the worlds in Glorious Leaders image. The spuds of our souls will sprout in the great beyond.” Icon-alienartifacts.png


Alien Artifacts “Harnassing the godlike power of ancient Aliens Artifacts to make Potatoes taste even better. Icon-troopers.png


Troopers “Master of the pew pew. Warriors of the whiz-bang. Bringers of the boom boom. Icon-cosmocannons.png


Cosmo Cannons Say hello to my enormous and intimidating friend. Now say goodbye. Gosmo-Cannons don’t play nice. Icon-motherlandships.png


Motherland Ships “It’s continuing mission: to conquer strange new worlds, to assimilate new life and new civilizations, to routinely go where all Comrades have gone before.” Icon-planetliberators.png


Planet Liberators “When pesky planets don’t see benefits of Great States guidance – introduce them to the Liberator. The galaxies greatest negotiator.”

Events have five different reward structures that rotate in a cycle independently of the 6 weekly events.