Satellite Communication and LTE PTT Advances for 2020

The world of satellite phones, internet, radio and various communication formats only becomes more robust with each passing year, and the recent transition into 2020 is no exception. Industry professionals expect to see major developments across several areas this year and moving forward, particularly in areas like satellites, long-term evolution (LTE) and radio communication formats.

At International Satellite Services, we’re proud to serve as your satellite push-to-talk experts who will keep you updated and outfitted with the latest and best technology to meet your every communication need. Let’s look at some of the products and services that will help you capitalize on the amazing technology available in this world in 2020.

Satellite Products

For starters, the quality of satellite communications begins with the robust channel formed between satellites themselves and their transmitter receivers on Earth. Satellites for such communications generally are put into what’s known as a geostationary orbit, also called a geosynchronous equatorial orbit – an orbit that is a certain distance above the equator and follows the same direction as the Earth’s rotation, which removes any need for satellite receivers to ever be changed.

We utilize multiple satellite products and providers at International Satellite Services, including Ligado Networks and their robust, high-performance connectivity network. Our partners only utilize the strongest satellite transmitters that easily reach mobile devices.

Long Distance PTT

Within the world of push-to-talk, an important piece of technology is LTE, also known as 3.95G. This refers to a specific communication standard for wireless broadband, featuring different frequency bands for different countries that are used in data terminals and various connected mobile devices. There are numerous such products that provide excellent communication formats over long distances, utilizing either the internet or a private IP network.

Smartphone Options

There are a couple notable smartphone products to consider in this realm as well:

  • Intercom: There are now several apps on the market for improving mobile device communication, including those that convert smartphones or tablets into a wireless intercom, PTT radio or even a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. These apps are meant to process and handle massive volume needs without any issue.
  • Push-to-talk: Using a half-duplex line that stops users from transmitting and receiving simultaneously, PTT is possible with smartphones using a temporary hold of a switch. It can also be formatted for laptops, tablets and desktop machines.

RoIP Communications

You may have heard of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and RoIP is similar – it refers to Radio over IP, and is used for radio communication instead of phone calls. It has all the same capabilities otherwise, including PTT and connection to any device that has internet connectivity and at least one radio node.

Each of these areas we’ve detailed here is primed for a major increase in the year 2020, particularly for groups communicating over large distance fields. For more on any of them, or to learn about our satellite communication services, speak to the staff at International Satellite Services today.