Swamping in Satellite Communications

yungman said:

What is the other reason of desensitizing?

It depends on the type of modulation used.

FM receivers have a capture effect where only the strongest signal is followed. So, you don’t even hear the weaker signal.

Data signals use a lot of different modulation systems, but if you don’t get FM capture, the best you will get is corrupted data where you get data from both ground transmissions.

A satellite will usually get a very weak signal from both ground stations, because of the distance, and most receivers have delayed AGC, meaning that no AGC is applied for very weak signals in order to get best sensitivity.
So, AGC desensitization due to ground stations is not normally a problem .

Single sideband transmissions would have the problem of just producing two voices on top of each other with the stronger one being louder. So it would be hard to hear the weaker one while the stronger one was talking.