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Thank you for your interest in Constellation Networks Corporation (CNC) and welcome to our web site! If you are looking for highly reliable and trusted partner to fulfill your satellite communication needs, you are in the right hands with CNC!
No matter where in the world you are, or you go or you’ve been, we can reach you via satellite. The world continues to become a little smaller with the increase of global communications. Whether for education, business or personal use, it’s hard to imagine a life without the internet. We depend on communication in almost every aspect of our lives so we need to have international satellite internet available.
There are so many satellite internet solutions in the VSAT services and VSAT equipment market, that it’s hard to tell which one will work best and for which purposes. Our goal is to provide a VSAT service (and VSAT equipment if needed) that fits your needs with a plan for your growth to ensure you don’t outgrow a solution. We offer satellite internet solutions that can grow with your business from a handful of computers to a WAN or WiMAX coverage area.
Satellite Internet isn’t like other internet options. It is unique for many reasons, most obviously because it lacks fiber infrastructure. Simply put this means that internet via satellite will work anywhere. The reality is that unlike any other internet service options, satellite internet requires more complex engineered equipment set up, a knowledgeable staff and quality service and support.
Each location in need of International Satellite Internet connectivity will need to have a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) designed for reliable service throughout the lifecycle of your needs. Depending on the level of mobility and flexibility desired, will affect the ultimate system build. We can always work with existing equipment at some level. At times everything will be compatible, other times some gear will need replacement due to proprietary equipment and/or old technology. In most cases the movement seems to be toward equipment configurations which allow for upgrading of the satellite modem only.
Whether your satellite internet needs include a private network, your own hub or just a single site service, you need the right equipment and engineering to get it done and done right. From concept to integration, CNC will work with you, track the progress and optimize service to ensure you entire experience is positive.
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CNC would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to assist with the fulfillment of your satellite internet connectivity needs.